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About Tourism In North Cyprus

Tourism In North Cyprus

Tourism is one of the leading growth sectors in  North Cyprus and all authorities places  a high degree of priority to the development of this sector.  In line with increasing visitor arrivals, Northern Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation from 5 star luxury hotels to holiday villages.

Addition to swimming in crystal water, soaking up the sun 300 days of a year,

North Cyprus offers wide range of  special tourism products such as  bird watching, golfing, turtle watching,  diving, historical site visit, nature visits, eco/agro-tourism, walks to endemics, traditional village fests. For details please visit related pages.

North Cyprus is blessed with seemingly endless sunshine and enjoys one of the healthiest climates in the world. The average annual temperature is about 20C /68F. Summers are  hot with July and August averaging over 30C / 90F. The coldest months are January and  February with a mean temperature of 10C / 50F.